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"Don't eat less but EAT RIGHT."

White Rice is in form of “Starch only” which is a medium kind-of-guy that can curve a bit of your appetite, while easy on the stomach.


Colored Rice is in form of “Starch & Fiber”, which can provide slow and steady release of energy.

Plus, there are more benefits

+ Contains vitamins, minerals and for some with antioxidant properties

+ USDA Organic

+ Non-GMO

+ Gluten free

Why do we need Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates is main source of energy.

Without Carbohydrates, you will feel exhausted and cannot think through.

Carbohydrates comes in three forms; sugar, starch and fiber.

Let’s imagine if Carbohydrates is your body battery, here is how it works :


Then, should we eat rice a lot?


Well, as it said above to “EAT RIGHT”,

we encourage you to eat in balance.

If you choose food wisely, you are now 70% right on healthy path, then you need to work out for the rest 30%.


PRIME wants you to be adventurous with numerous food options, not just rice. For our part, we select only the best rice of its kind, ensure the quality, then make your life convenient.

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